DEC 01, 11pm - DEC 02, 12:15am CST

Un-do stress, re-energize, and find balance through this practice that in skillful way blends Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

Gentler on the joints and fascia than Yin Yoga, Restorative is a profoundly soothing experience that restores your body and mind to its equilibrium through a process of deeply relaxing postures. On its part, Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is a simple yet powerful body-centered meditative technique that promotes health, healing, and well-being. Research has shown that it effectively reduces post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety and chemical dependency. The classes are suitable for all, no experience is requiered.

RESTORATIVE+NIDRA YOGA con ALMA artfully weaves mantras, selected restorative postures, visualizations and special breathing techniques to help you unwind. Resting comfortably on bolsters and blankets, you will relax into your mat and be carried in a semi-conscious and deeply soothing state in which the physical body can let go of tension entirely. Then you will be verbally guided in a "yogic sleep" state of profound calm and rest. After the session you will feel serene, rested, and rejuvenated.

These are responsive and interactive online sessions via Zoom; you will also have access to the recording for 3 days.

In case you cannot afford the class registration price due to present hardship, or if you are a health worker or first responder, please contact me with a few lines of explanation for a heavily discounted rate.

If by the time you try to register the session is full, you can be put in a waiting list. Please send me a message using the contact form if you have questions; please keep in mind that there are no refunds.

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