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Easy does it! Accessible & Mindful Chair Yoga

Yoga made accessible!!!! No matter what your condition, you can enjoy the benefits of yoga practice. Using as many props as needed, and variating the movements to fit you, we combine adaptive and functional yoga poses with conscious breathing in a therapeutic way. The practices work holistically, and will allow you to safely increase your range of motion, loosen and stretch painful muscles, and build strength and balance while protecting your joints.

This class is ideal for older adults, those in recovery, persons living in large bodies, who have a sedentary lifestyle, and in general for people who cannot move easily. Those suffering from conditions such as osteoporosis, blood pressure issues, carpal tunnel, chronic pain, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis may also benefit from this gentle form of practice. The mindful practice of yoga can aid to reduce stress and anxiety, improve your breathing patterns and circulation, be helpful to reduce blood pressure and create spacial awareness. It also reduces pain and anxiety, helps lower blood pressure, protects joints, builds up pain management skills, and helps to sleep better.

EASY DOES IT- ACCESSIBLE & MINDFUL YOGA con ALMA are responsive and interactive online classes via Zoom; those who cannot attend live will have access to the recording for 3 days.

This YOGA con ALMA online offering can only be taken as a series of 4 consecutive classes on Wednesdays @ 9 am.

During this pandemic, please remember that part of your yoga fees is donated to help support Animal Rescue Bonnie Beach.

In case you cannot afford the class registration price due to present hardship, or if you are a health worker or first responder, please contact me with a few lines of explanation for a heavily discounted rate.